Glenn, once again, I am just blown away by your talents – wow! The card looks fabulous—even my wife liked it. She had thought going with an Art Nouveau motif would be a bad idea—pigeon holing myself, but she really liked the look of the proof. I am certain this was not your most straightforward project, so I thank you for the extra time and care you put into the design. I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished product printed and cut—I think it should be very interesting. I knew you were the right designer to work with Glenn, and now, I own my very own little piece of your work—a little side bonus.
—Robin Berry

You are a very popular man. Don is bringing a program to Algonquin [College] to show graphic students how to design programs… everyone was very impressed. Thank you, Glenn.
—Erin Clatney, Dish Catering

Hey there Glenn, once again I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and dedication that you have put in on working on this project. Working on project like this for the first time was definitely an eye opener for me and I can now appreciate some of the pressure that you work under in terms of time lines and such…You are one of the most professional and reliable persons I have ever dealt in all my years of being involved in community organizations. You are a true community leader and it has been a pleasure working with you.
—Doug Saunders-Riggins, Capital Pride

You’re a genius, Glenn. Great job. I now know who to go see when I need straw spun into gold!
—Susan Sullivan, Capital Xtra

Glenn, this is ridiculous! How do you expect me to choose from four perfect samples? I almost “peed my pants” when I saw them. One of the things I amazed with was that I felt I had given you so little info to go on and you came up with something that is so “me”. I think I could use any of these cards, it’s so hard to decide. I love the colours, and the drawing you made is great. Thanks so much, Glenn; you did an amazing job!
—Wanda Massey, Aunt Wandy’s Cleaning Service

Hi Glenn. Wow—you are amazing with your Web page skills. Thanks for making me look so great! I love the new logo with the dancer in the “F” of Flow. You are brilliant and are very talented at what you do.
—Rebecca Lloyd, Flow Motion

Hi Glenn, I was so happy to read in yesterday’s Citizen that the Village had been acknowledged. [While] those the signs are rather modest in size, they represent a gigantic step forward into creating visibility and community. I am totally convinced that without your vision and leadership this would not have happened. I really appreciate your energy and persistence in getting this accomplished. All the best.
—Barry Deeprose

Thanks, Glenn! You have been elevated from the best to perfect. You are my hero! Thank you for all your amazing work! Everything looks great!
—Joshua Snider, Canadian AIDS Society

Glenn, the posters and the cards came on time and were… ARE… amazing! Everyone said this was our best float and our most effective and visually impactful message ever! I really appreciate your work and how quickly you got it all together and DELIVERED! Whew!
—Grant Cobb, AIDS Committee of Ottawa

Hey Glenn, I came across your site. WOW, you do some nice work! Love the poster content.
—Lee Williams, ChasingImages/Boomstone

We are at the CADTH conference and I just want you to know that we have had great feedback on the materials that you prepared for us. Thanks so much for always helping us to look good. We love working with you Glenn!
—Connie Cote, Health Charities Coalition of Canada

Glenn, words cannot express my gratitude for your hard work with the Web page. I am really quite busy for the moment but you definitely deserve a bonus and a thank you from the Mr. Leather Ottawa Organization and from the Ottawa Knights.
—Murray Lavigne, The Ottawa Knights

Hi, Glenn. I wanted to take the time to thank you for your great work for MLO this year, and for putting up with so many last minute requests. We got many compliments on your work, and the posters seemed very popular—in fact, they kept getting stolen in Montréal!
—Pat Croteau, The Ottawa Knights

Glenn, I just showed the book to the Surgeon General and he is wildly happy with the product. His words were, “this exceeded all his expectations”. Well done.
—Lt. Col. Murray Crawford, Canadian Forces Health Services

Hey, buddy. I just heard on the CBC news that the ‘Village’ designation went through! Yipppeeee! Congratulations, Glenn, and thanks for six years of hard, slogging, sometimes thankless, work! You’re a star! I hope you’re celebrating this amazing achievement. With tons of love and respect.
—Marie Robertson

I appreciate your responsiveness to my very quick and “needy” requests. I think you excel at your job… not only as a designer but also with your ability to keep clients like me happy. You are such a wonderful person to work with. I am very, very lucky.
—John King, Engel and Völkers

Hi, Glenn. Oh my god, it’s awesome! We’ve been passing copies around the office and spending copious amounts of time laughing at how genius this design is. I think Michelle said, “So f*ing cool” as you might imagine. Thanks for your work on this.
—Adam Graham, AIDS Committee of Ottawa

Ya know, there is a special little place in Gay Heaven for you!! You are amazing with the amount of support, technically and emotionally, to the various OSPN committees. It is so appreciated. You made last evening go off so smoothly and you need to know your skills do not go unnoticed! Yes, you are an important piece of the glue that has helped us all stay connected during this pandemic. And big thanks from me!
—Karen Munro Caple, Ottawa Senior Pride Network member

We received the advance shipment of agency brochures which was cause for much relief and celebration. I just wanted to thank you once again for your excellent work, both in designing a brochure we can be proud of and for getting it to us sooner than expected. You are a gem!
—John Sharp, AIDS Committee of Ottawa

Perfect! You are a rock star, Glenn, for pulling this off so quickly for us! Thanks so much.
—Janis Haas, The Lung Association

Just surfing your Web site looking at some of your work, and I am in awe! Some great work here and [I’m] happy to see you doing well.
—Jamie Cashin

Hey, Glenn, I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with the Guide. This was a tremendous project to take on and the final product looks fantastic!
—Jason Hanson-Levine, Capital Pride

Glenn, you will certainly be the first person I call the next time we have a need for graphic design/layout work. I was very impressed with your promptness and quality of work, especially on short notice. If you are bidding on any jobs and would like a glowing letter of reference, I would be more than pleased to provide one for you.
—Shawn Dolan, The Canadian Wood Council

Glenn, the ad looks fabulous! We are delighted with your creativity and enthusiasm.
—Judy Faulkner, Faulkner Real Estate

Glenn, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for everything you are doing… your artwork is top notch and is doing so much to revive and build excitement for the festival. It is great working with you!
—Gordon Boissonneault, Capital Pride